Tips & tricks

    Creating the Perfect Application Form that Converts

    Adding an application form to your job advertisement is a good practice. It urges them to apply now instead of requiring them to write an email – something they need time for and can easily forget. An application form works like a call-to-action in an advertisement, prompting a ‘spontaneous’ action. It also ensures that all applications sent to you are kept in one database and don’t require manual addition from your mailbox (not to mention that it also ensures compliance…

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  • Getting Started

    Is ATS Worth Your Time?

    You know what an ATS is and what it does, but you’re not sure if it’s for you. You don’t know if it’s worth investing time and resources to implement it.…

  • Getting Started

    The Newbies Guide to ATS

    The applicant tracking systems (ATS), also called simply, recruitment software, is a must-have tool for today’s recruiters. Not only does it automate most of the mundane tasks, but it makes your…